From the recording A Clockwork Destiny

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Released October 29, 2021

Guitar, clean and distorted vocals, bass, and synth all performed and recorded by Sarah Halter
Lyrics written by Sarah Halter
Drums performed and recorded by Daniel Stephens (agent57music)
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings


This waste... all of me.
The worst is yet to come.
Enemies marching on
How will we survive this state?

Lost in the throes of inequity,
I await the fall of society.
The clock ticks on with uncertainty.
This is A Clockwork Destiny!!!!!

All I have,
And all I gave,
Take the best of me.
Swallow me whole again.
Time won’t see the need!

In this wasteland...
All of me.
In my dreams....
pain relieved.

I can’t go on!
Is my time up?

All but doubts have been obliterated.
Oh how delirium has begun!

Take me back!!!

(Guitar solo)

No more breathing
Trapped with those like me.
Desecrate my form again.
Time will reveal your greed!

Promises of ages
Leave me in the wake of
Swollen, crushed limbs.
A Clockwork Destiny.
Now I’m of the fire
Smoldering, consuming all!