Utilizing a modern metal sound drawing influence from progressive, alternative, symphonic, and death metal, the Pittsburgh-based solo powerhouse blazes onward. 

After signing one record project to C.ell Arts Records in 2022, Sarah Halter followed up A Clockwork Destiny, a two-song single released independently in 2021, with a completely self-produced, self-performed, and self-recorded four-song EP -The Doom That Binds Us.

 Upon release, The Doom That Binds Us received critical acclaim from various metal media outlets including Metalized, Zware Metalen, Hellfire-Magazin, and others that praised a fresh approach to songwriting and musicianship in the metal world. Later in July 2023, Sarah released an alternate mix of “Frozen Magnolias”, the second track on A Clockwork Destiny, along with an accompanying music video. 

2023 brought a lot of new attention and listeners to Sarah’s work after a full summer of shows in western PA, central PA, and Ohio. Sarah opened 2024 with releasing a new single, "Whisky in the Kitchen", before embarking on a journey of not only continuing playing shows further from home-base, but also beginning the process of writing a full-length album.

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Whisky in the Kitchen

Sarah Halter

This song was written a almost ten years ago with a few new things added. It was originally written on the acoustic guitar, but after years of performing it live on the acoustic guitar and with my previous band, the song is now in its final form.
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