After signing one record project to C.ell Arts Records in 2022, Sarah Halter followed up A Clockwork Destiny, a two-song single released independently in 2021, with a completely self-produced, self-performed, and self-recorded four-song EP -The Doom That Binds Us

Upon release, The Doom That Binds Us received critical acclaim from various metal media outlets including Metalized, Zware Metalen, Hellfire-Magazin, and others that praised a fresh approach to songwriting and musicianship in the metal world. Later in July 2023, Sarah released an alternate mix of “Frozen Magnolias”, the second track on A Clockwork Destiny single, along with an accompanying music video. 

2023 brought a lot of new attention and listeners to Sarah’s work after a full summer of shows in western PA, central PA, and Ohio. As Sarah continues to expand reach by adding shows further from Pittsburgh, a new single is expected for release by the end of 2023 before Sarah begins to record a full-length album. 

Utilizing a modern metal sound drawing influence from progressive, alternative, symphonic, and death metal, the Pittsburgh-based solo powerhouse blazes onward.

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